Trip to St.Ives (14 May at Roaming)

On May 14, Roaming set off for a day in St. Ives–visiting galleries, Laura’s allottment, and the beach.  Apart from one of us arriving at Penzance instead of St.Ives bus station (we were on mobile phones saying ‘I’m here but I can’t see you’) the day unfolded well.

We started off at the allotment where Harry cooked, Puzul painted. Toby showed me a whole sketchbook of work he’d done on his trip to Spain. We caused a bit of a stir at the Penwith Gallery with a very loud debate about value! One of our group walked around giving everything thumbs up or down, or an applause. 
We finished off at Bamaluz beach where Olive showed off her swimming for a ball skills.

A good time was had by all – we agreed it would be something to repeat regularly (at least monthly) throughout the summer. 

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