Thursday 29th August

Two regular group members arrived today and asked if I’d had a good holiday not having realised we had been back for a week already. One had been away to a vegan camp and brought in some  wild herbs he had foraged and potatoes given to him by his landlord. 
Another group member who works his friend’s allotment arrived with freshly dug bounty. We had stuffed marrow, roast potatoes, beetroot, runner beans and salad for lunch – a feast!

Our triptych now has a pair of owls and a pigeon…

…this watery watercolour was painted…

…and these words were written…
Hi my name is Richard Francis and I am just writing this little note for Laura by way of a big thankyou for the group she runs at Breadline Penzance.
Having unfortunately spent 3 months living on the street and only very recently now living in accommodation it is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity for mentioning the warm reception I received every thursday within her group.
The stress and I must say hardship I experienced whilst homeless was regularly broken up, giving me a days respite on those thursdays. Laura would and still does if the need arises greet me with a cup of coffee or tea from her limited resources – then a few hours spent in a very relaxed atmosphere would be spent painting or water colouring or simply reading the National Geographic magazines that Laura would hunt down and purchase for the group members. All of this would then be followed by a delicious meal that somehow Laura managed to cobble together for the group members.
So once again a Big Thankyou to Laura

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