Thursday 22nd August

It’s been a quiet week after a 2 week holiday break. We made lunch from mostly vegetables and salad donated by a group member who works his friend’s allotment. 
I had been to the Lost Gardens of Heligan and was showing one of the group photographs I had taken of a wildflower meadow, which inspired him to make a drawing.
This wolf was drawn by someone who describes himself as a writer rather than a visual artist. He surprised himself by making this drawing and commented that it seemed as though he had picked up where he left off drawing as a child.
Someone who has been part of our group for several months and who has just found somewhere to live in a nearby town made a drawing of a boat at sea. She hopes to return to the group from time to time.

Thank you to Sheila Oliner from all of us at Roaming Penzance

The above drawing was made using oil pastels and paper donated by artist Sheila Oliner who gave us these and much more when she moved out of her St.Ives studio earlier this year. Sheila has been a very good friend and mentor to me over the last 20 years. She has been supportive to this group with advice and materials and by attending our exhibitions. 
Sheila’s working years in the area have been marked by her generosity to the local arts communities of St.Ives and Penzance where she shared her particular, highly-developed skills as a printmaking, drawing and painting teacher and mentor. 
Sheila’s work can be found locally at the Wills Lane Gallery in St.Ives.

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