Sunshine Songs

Thursday, December 23 was the last Roaming meeting before the holiday season, and although everyone sensed that a celebration was in order, there were quite different understandings of what was being celebrated, and so of how best to mark the occasion. Was it for Christmas? New Year? Solstice? In the end everyone agreed that music would suit the occasion, and that they would be happy to celebrate the coming of longer days, more light, sunshine. With the wonders of contemporary technology — and we relied on YouTube — it was possible to take everyone’s suggestions for songs about sunshine, and listen to them together. The playlist includes the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”, Gale Garnett’s “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine,” Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Sunshine of my Life,” and many more. Find the full list under playlists for this date.

The group liked choosing songs around a theme so much that they did it again, with the theme “Light and Hope,” at the next meeting on 5 January, and with “Wind and Storm” on 12 January. Check for these dates on playlists.

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