September 24th, 2015

 We went to St.Ives Farmer’s Market to begin the painting. We spent some time waiting for people to arrive, drinking coffee eating curry and working on a preliminary drawing. One of our group was engrossed in writing up his recent adventures in Devon. We met lots of friendly people and a bulldog whom Caz did a convincing impression of. Caz had wanted us to perform the painting on the stage of the Guild Hall above the market stalls but due to the September Festival music equipment being in situ  we positioned ourselves in the corridor entrance. Apart from being a little in the way, this meant we had conversations with all kinds of passers-by and gave them our ‘Roaming’ card to follow the painting’s progress via our blog. We intend to return every three to four weeks to complete the painting and have it finished in time for a special Farmer’s Market on Christmas Eve. 

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