Roaming Residency at Redwing

We have just completed another 2 week residency at Redwing Gallery that was timed to correspond with Penzance’s Golowan Festival and Mazey Day. It’s really good for us as a group to have so many consecutive days to meet together and we followed the same pattern as our last residency whereby we made collaborative works. Two people worked on a painting to completion, which celebrates traditional methods of farming and was influenced by a painting by Breugel. Other made a start on 2 more paintings, which will be continued over Thursdays to come. On Mazey Day we were open for members of the public to join us making  creatures, in solidarity with the Golowan theme ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.
One of our group spent the fortnight constructing a ‘tree of life’ from recycled materials, which others joined in decorating with leaves and some creatures. Sadly this had to be dismantled due to its proportions but its creator donned a costume from a previous performance and carried it on his head up and down Wood Street as a final parting gesture. 

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