Roaming in the woods (5 March at Roaming)

We had a very relaxing day in Trevaylor woods, where we were learning ‘field sensing’ with Anne-Marie Culhane. Anne-Marie Culhane is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work connects food, ecology, people, art and activism. We took a pasty lunch and flasks of hot drinks as it was cold, albeit sunny. 

This is what Anne-Marie wrote to us beforehand by way of introduction

Field Sensing is a process that focuses on the simplicity/complexity of walking slowly with awareness as a way of being. It offers a framework for experiencing time and place in a different way. 

Field Sensing has evolved from Anne-Marie’s experiences of Butoh training and has links to meditation and tracking practices. The phrase Field Sensing was coined by Buddhist writer and poet Gary Snyder to refer to the perception of land as a ‘resonant landscape’ by Paleolithic Hunters.

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