Roaming Grows 3

Under another cloudless blue sky, Roaming braved the heat. Luckily there was a gentle breeze in the allotment and a carefully constructed tent-like shaded area for chilling.
We started , as is our habit with a hot drink, freshly picked mint for tea chosen by some of us. The weeds have grown well despite the dry dusty conditions.  Between the weeds there are flowers vegetables and strawberries.  Clad with gloves, hats and forks some of us begin on the big weed! Most of the thistles and rosebay willow herb come up roots and all before setting seed so that is very satisfying.
Runner and french beans were helped to climb bamboo sticks by gently twisting them anticlockwise. Someone discovered rows of onions and shallots, another found kale cabbage and kohlrabi and someone else found a row of dwarf french beans  and planted a couple of rows of mange tout peas with a netting triangle over them to give support and protect the young plants from birds.
After lunch of hummus wraps with the additions allotment grown lettuce and dill we continued. Two people planted three rows of leeks.  First we watered the ground as the earth was dusty and sandlike.The seedlings, which were well watered were removed from the modules and roots teased out.  Holes were dibbed and each leek was twirled into each hole ensuring the roots were not touched and completely immersed in the hole afterwhich they were watered in generously. Someone else picked a goodly amount of strawberries which were divided up between us. Another person picked marigolds, sweetpeas and cosmos for colour and fragrance to take home.
Altogether a productive day.

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