Puzul (Painting)


My painting is dedicated to a person who has been close to me over the years.  I did these paintings last year for her.  I was thinking of her when I did them, and that’s how I expressed myself, through my paintings. After I finished the paintings, I could see the reflections of my inner feelings.  

Soft, Gentle  2014.  I had this on my table, and every time I sat down the painting was looking at me. You can see the gentleness in this particular painting, the softness, too.  That’s what my heart was feeling at the time. I was born with these feelings. The way I can share them is painting.  That’s the way I can open myself.  People can appreciate my work, and see how I am.  I’m sensitive.  It’s easy for me to say “I love you”.  I can’t write. I’m dyslexic. But I’ve discovered painting. That’s why I like painting.  At the end of it I can see what I was feeling right from the start. 

I do miss her, though…I bump into her sometimes.  I just want to say, “I still love you”.  I never got hurt.  I kind of stand in love, rather than falling in love.  I’ve always held on.  I protect myself. 


Soft, Gentle, 2014.