Author: nannyrhops

Painting for a change from music

We have been continuing to meet out of doors in the bandstand whilst we have been unable to meet at Breadline. The bandstand naturally lends itself to music-making and so this is what we have been doing recently and people sitting on benches and on the grass on sunny days have enjoyed the entertainment. However, we have been missing painting so we decided this week to bring art materials rather than musical instruments. As it happened we were unable to occupy the bandstand this week anyway as it was being decorated for Golowan Festival, which was going to be going ahead in a very limited form. We enjoyed being on the grass in the dappled shade as it meant we were able to be closer to the flowers that let themselves to being painted. 

Meetings in July

We’ve been continuing to meet in the bandstand through July. The rise in Covid infections in Cornwall since the G7 summit means it isn’t safe to return to our indoor base. However, the weather has been clement so far and we haven’t had the need to cancel any of our sessions.