A Day at Tremenheere (28 May at Roaming)

On May 28, we went roaming at Tremenheere, a piece of land near Penzance with varied topography and soils, a fine view of the sea, and recently, a collection of contemporary sculpture and a very welcoming range of facilities for visitors.

Janet McEwan, an artist with a keen interest in such spaces and possibilities for engaging with them, was our leader for the day.  We walked and looked and chatted, examining James Turrell’s meditative space, David Nash’s highly accessible wooden installation, Billy Wynter’s camera obscure, a sweeping view of St. Michael’s Mount, and more.  

As we went along, we positioned three tiny pinhole cameras–recycled film canisters–in strategic places in the garden, and Janet will, in a few weeks time, recover them, hoping that the light will have made some kind of record on the light-sensitive paper inside.  

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