Yearly Archive: 2020

Lockdown update

We, Roaming, have been finding creative ways to keep connected and united during Covid-19 lockdown.

I (Laura) spend Thursdays, when we would usually be together, either talking on the phone or texting everyone to make sure we are all keeping safe and well and I’m very happy to say that so far we all are. 

Janet has been busy editing video footage and our own music into three new short films. These are a record and reminder of some of our trips out  in 2019. 
Playing in the woods
Roaming in the Skyspace
Roaming in the woods

Nancy is in touch with one Roamer (so far) via email and Zoom but most Roamers don’t have the equipment to engage in internet communications.

Nancy, Jane and I held a director’s meeting via Zoom and Jane suggested we utilise the postal service, which we can all access. We have begun a project involving postcards whereby I sent everyone blank postcards with instructions to illustrate the front and write a message on the back then return them to me in a SAE. I then photocopy the results and post them out to everyone so we all have contact with each other. This project is currently underway and will be documented on our website once it’s complete.

Thanks to our funders!

We are grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund and Lottery players for continuing to fund Roaming and for providing an uplift grant for 6 months that has made it possible to accommodate all our regulars in a socially distanced manner over 2 days a week instead of the usual one.  Thank you NLCF!

Since we are now using 2 rooms with 2 facilitators it has also made it possible for us to provide different weekly activities for those who wish to take part – this week was marbling. Thanks to Janet McEwan for organising and delivering these new processes.

Second meeting in the bandstand

It’s been so good to be able to physically meet again in a socially-distanced manner in the bandstand. We were blessed with good weather and enough sunshine to carry out experiments with cyanotype paper, which is a photographic process using sunlight and water.