Yearly Archive: 2016

Post to Nancy

 I would like to learn to focus my area of interest so that I can make it into a blogg. My areas of interest are so diverse that it ischaotic to say the least making any kind of coherent sense of them. I feel my current objectives are realistic and within my scope of ability. I am always being restless in my creativity, always searching for what I believe could be a worthy challenge. I feel excitement and enthusiasm for projects, but as I seem to take on multiple projects this often leaves me wide open to my own inertia, which I am mostly seeking escape from. At the moment I have a sense of excitement and anticipation about the new group project at Roaming which Laura has already provided canvases for and was suggest the theme of migration, which has given me an idea I hope to discuss on thur if poss. But need to keep focussed on the matter in hand, ie the art we are doing for the local produce market, I already have ideas for this but have yet to put them into action. Too much dreaming, thats my problem! Work I am currently busy with is to do with the Shallal studios residencies, which have some funding, so have possibilties. I am at a research and development phase of this, not because of the funding opportunity but because what I was spending time in these spaces recently and up til now was giving me inspiration which I think would guide what I am hoping I might do long term. At the Back Lane West residency in Redruth there is a sharing this thur, 26, the day I will see you,which is the music making contingent, and again on monday the 30, there is a sharing of visual art when I hope to present some of my ideas as work in prog. I have been wanting to develop puppetry ideas for a while, and working on prototype designs, I dont know what might come of this but I feel it is a worthy challenge for my visioning/realising creative practice, I have good contacts as an outlet for this, and I feel an intuitive sense of how this could be an accessable artform in relation to communities. Mostly dreaming but some solid research basis. The other aim, which I feel Roaming is a possible starting point for being motivated is that I want to be Rural based, in the way that I work creatively. This is partly an adaptation of my needs, as well as pursuing an ideal, but as well as this it is a response to the concern I feel about the movement of progress towards the urban way of life, I feel the urge to resist in my own way and if possible make this into an artistic statement that I can communicate, so a blogg makes sense perhaps. Any way Im sure there is plenty of fertile ground and look forward to being able to discuss this with you in greater depth, as it emerges and becomes hopefully tangible as a lifestyle choice, I hope to continue with this correspondence in some form, when I knoe your actual email adress, see you soon.

September 24th, 2015

 We went to St.Ives Farmer’s Market to begin the painting. We spent some time waiting for people to arrive, drinking coffee eating curry and working on a preliminary drawing. One of our group was engrossed in writing up his recent adventures in Devon. We met lots of friendly people and a bulldog whom Caz did a convincing impression of. Caz had wanted us to perform the painting on the stage of the Guild Hall above the market stalls but due to the September Festival music equipment being in situ  we positioned ourselves in the corridor entrance. Apart from being a little in the way, this meant we had conversations with all kinds of passers-by and gave them our ‘Roaming’ card to follow the painting’s progress via our blog. We intend to return every three to four weeks to complete the painting and have it finished in time for a special Farmer’s Market on Christmas Eve. 

9th June 2016